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anytime – dates in R

November 8, 2018

I just saw an announcement on R Bloggers about the anytime package. It looks to be a very handy package to convert dates in pretty much any format to Date or POSIX classes, without the need to define the format – it’s guessed by an underlying C++ library.

It certainly seems to be flexible… putting in the same date in 8 different formats all yielded the same result! (FWIW, “15th October 2010” doesn’t work…)

> anytime::anydate(c("2010-10-15", "2010-Oct-15", 
+                    "20101015", "15 Oct 2010", 
+                    "10-15-2010", "15 October 2010", 
+                    "15oct2010", "2010oct15", "15th October 2010"))
[1] "2010-10-15" "2010-10-15" "2010-10-15" "2010-10-15" "2010-10-15" "2010-10-15"
[7] "2010-10-15" "2010-10-15" NA       

There’s an equivalent function for times (anytime instead of anydate). Looks like working with dates and times just got easier!


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