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updating R

April 15, 2013

Updating versions of R can be a pain in terms of getting all those packages you had on the old version onto the new version. Some people suggest copying the library folder from one installation to another and running update.packages(). Other people have other methods.

Here’s my simple method:

On the old installation make a vector of names of packages and write it to a file:

packs <- row.names(installed.packages())
write.table(packs, "packs.txt") # could also use dump or save or....

On the new version of R just read in the file and run install.packages:

packs <- read.table("packs.txt")
install.packages(as.character(packs$x)) # *

Select the mirror and wait a few minutes.


* because this method ends up having packs as a table with 1 column (interpreted as a factor), we have to force R to think its a character

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