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August 28, 2012

A post over on Dang, another error (show me yours and I’ll show you mine) has a method of working with R which uses an IDE called Eclipse in conjunction with a plugin called StatET. Eclipse is one of a number of IDEs that I’m aware of (Tinn-R being another, but this Sciviews pages has an enormous list).

I like R-Studio and have recommended it to a number of other people, many of whom have also taken up using it (one even saying that once youve gotten used to it, you cant imagine using R without it). Similar to other IDEs, it has various panes for assorted purposes. I have it set up so that I have scripts top-left, the R console bottom-left, workspace, history and package selection top-right and then system navigator, plots and help bottom-right. These different panels make working with R-Studio a pleasure, you set them up as you want them and can shift them around if you need.

One of the most useful features is the workspace. This shows the name, class and size of objects and lets you see at a glance what you have in your workspace. Super useful!!! I also really like that everything is all in one window, rather than having to switch between the internet browser for help, a plot window, code and console windows (yes, I am aware that you can make R place console, script and plots in a single window, but i dislike the text editor and the way that you sometimes have to search for the window, especially on small screens).

R-Studio can also link in with Sweave,  R Markdown and HTML so you can make some nice PDFs straight from the same program. It Even has version control if you have GIT or SVN. Its not a feature that I use, but you can also join objects and script together into projects so that you just load the project and all of the code and objects are there.

A great piece of software!

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  1. bob kinley permalink

    on Windows, it would be nice to see Rstudio wrapped up with R binary as an option

    • So that you can download and install both from the same source you mean? I think most people start with the base R installations though, and then eventually move over to IDEs when though know the basics and base R no longer “cuts it.” I could be wrong though! Something to suggest to the R-Studio guys perhaps…

  2. I would also recommend R-Studio for R. I used Eclipse for several years for other languages.

  3. Exactly where did you get the recommendations
    to create ““R-Studio Insights of a PhD student”?
    I appreciate it -Connor

  4. I personally found this particular post , “R-Studio Insights of
    a PhD student”, quite interesting and it was indeed a great read.


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